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Golden Valley Electric Association Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)

Completed in December 2003, the BESS is one of GVEA's initiatives to improve the reliability of service to GVEA members. In the event of a generation or transmission related outage, it can provide 27 megawatts of power for 15 minutes. That's enough time for the co-op to start up local generation when there are problems with the Intertie or power plants in Anchorage. In 2017, the BESS responded to 72 events, preventing a total of 280,197 member outages.


Alaska Railbelt Static Var Compensators

Two ABB Static Var Compensators (SVC) have been in operation since 1993 in the 115kV system which transmits power from the Bradley Lake hydro plant, located in the Kenai Peninsula, to the Anchorage area more than 300km further to the north.


Anchorage Municipal Light & Power Gas Insulated Substations

With extremely low space requirements, AML&P chose ABB's Gas Insulated Substation - a high reliablility, smart and economic solution for complex switchgear applications. In densely populated areas, for aesthetic town planning or in consideration of severe environmental impact, ABB's innovative GIS technology provides the solutions required for today's global considerations at a local level.
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Intelligent Energy Systems Battery Energy Storage

Intelligent Energy Systems(IES) will demonstrate the use of ABB smart inverters and high performance vehicle-format lithium ion batteries to provide short term energy storage in the Kwigillingok High Penetration Wind System. The addition of the battery energy storage will allow extended periods that the diesel generators will not be required to be running.
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