Primax - The Leader in Power Solutions

Who We Are

Since in 1993, the driving force behind Primax Technologies has been its team of professionals. Our team has extensive experience in designing and manufacturing state of the art AC and DC backup solutions for industrial and utility applications. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of our customers in a modern environment where ongoing technological evolution is a day to day challenge.


Many companies will tell you custom products cost more. At Primax, we have demonstrated time and again that custom products cost less. With our customization capabilities and flexible, integrated manufacturing process, we develop products that meet your specific needs.

Our customer has a say

We will design your systems based on your needs. We will adapt and configure our standard products into an engineered solution based on your goals. We are able to achieve this because we use the latest technology in DSP Microprocessors. These DSPs allow us incredible flexibility in customization, giving us the ability to adapt our offering while maintaining rigorous quality and safety certified operations. This concept is behind everything we do and it has allowed us to constantly grow our customer base.

Our employees have a say

One of the key elements for Primax’s growth is our extraordinary team of highly skilled and motivated employees. We are constantly challenged by them to improve design and efficiency and they have been a major factor behind our growth.

Continuous investment in research & development

Up to 12% of our total revenues are dedicated to R&D activities including: New products, new options and improvements to current designs. We are committed to this in order to meet the ever growing needs of customers worldwide. The electrical power sector is changing at an accelerated pace: New regulatory requirements, environmental issues, technological evolution, the ever growing complexity of network integration, quicker deliveries, smaller footprints and the ever increasing cost of maintenance are few of the challenges we are all facing. This is why we need to “Stay on top” to help our customers meet those challenges....

The industries we serve

Our multiple certifications such as UL, CSA, IEC, ISO, ABS, IBC/CBC, IEEE... Have allowed us to provide thousands of systems installed in more than 35 countries and in multiple sectors such as: Utilities & Power Generation, Oil & Gas, Chemical, Mining, Metallurgic, Pulp & Paper, Transit, Airports, Marine, Water treatment, Hospitals, Transit...


Integrating R&D, engineering, customer service and manufacturing in the same department brings vitality and efficiency in our ability to better serve our customers. When faced with new customer needs, our ISO 9001: 2008 certified process is activated and we are able to develop efficient solutions for our customers.

Local Support

We believe in service, a good understanding this is key in customer satisfaction this is why we have developed an extensive network of partners in North America, Europe, the Middle-East, Asia and Africa. This network is designed around local experts in their respective field, they support their local industries by understanding their needs and translating them to our dedicated customer service engineers so that we can come up with most adequate solutions for each individual market.