HVDC and HVDC Light


HVDC (High Voltage Direct Current) and HVDC Light are highly efficient alternatives for transmitting bulk power and for special purpose applications

The classic HVDC technology is used to transmit electric power over long distances. It is also used to interconnect separate power systems, where traditional alternating current (AC) connections can not be used.

HVDC Light® is an underground and submarine cable power transmission technology developed by ABB, that offers additional benefits compared to HVDC Classic.

ABB: Leader in HVDC Technology

HVDC Classic


HVDC Classic is used mainly for transmission of bulk power and AC system interconnections.  More >>

HVDC Light


HVDC Light - Bringing HVDC closer to you.  More >>



ABB ensures continued support to the project throughout its lifetime. Upgrades of plants delivered by others is also supplied. More >>



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