Baldor - Our job is making yours easier

Designers and manufacturers of industrial electric motors, mechanical power transmission products, drives and generators

From our home office in Fort Smith, Arkansas, we support the sales offices/warehouses that stock Baldor products worldwide, selling to distributors and original equipment manufacturers in more than 70 countries. Baldor products are available from 50 sales offices/warehouses in North America and 26 offices serving international markets. These products are produced at 26 plants in the US, Canada, England, Mexico and China.

Our Value Formula

Baldor's Value Formula simply illustrates the equal importance of four factors that shape our customers' perception of value. Quality and Service are factors we strive to increase, thus raising perceived (subscript "p") Value. Cost and Time are factors we strive to reduce, also raising perceived value.


At Baldor, we use many internal measurements for "quality." However, we are referring here to quality as perceived by our customers. That's why we spend thousands of hours every year talking to our customers, in person, to see how we measure up. We're proud to say that Baldor consistently grades very high in every aspect. There is no perfect score, of course, but we're headed in the right direction. In 2000, 90% of all known customer studies named Baldor first when asking "What motor line do you prefer?"


We believe that "service" goes beyond responding to customer requests. It must exceed expectations by offering answers and solutions before they're needed. This includes availability of accurate information -- an area that's increasingly important in this age of instant decisions. Our industry-leading CD-ROM and Web site make information immediately accessible to all our customers. Baldor even offers extensive training classes, on site. But Service also involves trust. Customers must believe in Baldor products. It gets down to reputation, something every Baldor employee values highly and takes very seriously.


We understand that the true "cost" of a motor or drive goes far beyond its purchase price. An energy-efficient motor saves money in the user's electricity costs, providing long-term savings that pay back the initial investment many times over. Baldor has been designing, manufacturing and marketing energy-efficient motors since 1920. Many Baldor motors feature our exclusive ISR® (Inverter Spike Resistant®) wire. This helps extend the life of our motors and minimizes repair and replacement costs. And with Matched PerformanceTM pairings of motors and controls, our customers get lab-tested performance ratings that can sometimes save half the energy costs.


Time is a variable that plays an increasingly vital role in our customers' businesses. Quality, service and cost mean little if our customers can't get our products or information when they need them. Our unique FLEX FLOW manufacturing process allows us to produce a wide variety of motors and drives in the industry's shortest lead times. And custom motors and drives are available for delivery in an industry-best three weeks or less. On-line stock availability, order status and shipping information keep Baldor customers informed up to the minute.